Hot Athletes Are Hot

Are you someone who doesn’t understand all the fuss about The World Cup, but appreciates really hot athletes?  You will probably enjoy this, then.

If you are watching The World Cup because you genuinely care about competitive spirit and/or have been using these games as excuses to get drunk at 10AM on weekdays, then this is probably not for you.  Move along.

To-Do Before The End of Your Day:
Buy tix for Grace N Michelle's live show on Sunday and/or Celebrity Autobiography’s special Gay Pride show on Saturday.  Also, if you’re going to do that, you should probably be in or near the tri-state area.
Figure out which movie you’re going to see this weekend: Knight And Day, Toy Story 3, or Grown Ups.  We bet our mom that Grown Ups would NOT win the box office this weekend, so we suggest you see anything but that.
Finally, when you watch Team USA vs Ghana on Saturday morning, consider that in the movie version of the 2010 FIFA World Cup (we hear the writers are still working out the ending), the role of American defender Steve Cherundolo (left) will be played by Friday Night Lights star Zach Gilford (right). 

To-Do Before The End of Your Day:

To-Do Before The End of Your Day:
Our THIRD BIRTHDAY is fast-approaching and My Damn Channel founder/CEO Rob Barnett wants to hear from you about how we should celebrate.
Would Facebook have become the behemoth that it is if it had kept its original graphic, using Al Pacino as its face?  Instead of “poking” strangers would they be asking us to “Say hello to my little friend?”
Check out A Nation A Day, a photo project featuring a new portrait of a different country’s football (soccer, yes, soccer) fan every day during The World Cup.
Gawk and stare at all the Twihards (above), already camping since Monday in downtown LA, waiting for the next Twilight movie.  We don’t even.

To-Do Before The End of Your Day:

To-Do Before the End of Your Day:

There are other places for fans to react with comments such as “it’s his call” and “I didn’t see it clearly.” But not here. I’ve watched the replay 10 times, and the call is the second and most glaring disgrace of this match, a flaming dead donkey of a call thrown into the face of sane officiating, a crapulent fiction written by a temporarily insane arbiter obviously high on dangerous street pharmaceuticals, a blatant crime against logic, fairness, and the otherwise fine reputation of the sensible people of Mali and West Central Africa, an “artless theft” as the announcers put it, a smash-and-grab without even the courtesy of a ludicrously creative explanation, an alpaca out of nowhere, a pissant sportocrat’s petty and miserable entry into the annals of soccer history, a permanent disinvitation to my extremely exclusive Christmas card list, and the man who finally united Tunisia and the United States in a unilateral agreement on one thing: that you suck, and suck forever, and should be allowed no supervision over anything more complex than an armwrestling match between quadruple amputees.

Spencer Hall (via soupsoup)

Somewhere, Jim Joyce is breathing a huge sigh of relief as his reign as titleholder of “Worst Call Ever” seems to be over.